Guiding you to Graduation and Beyond

  • Open School Days: 7:30 AM – 3:30 PM
    Phone: 480-730-7630

    Please call or email counselors to request an appointment.
    Drop-in requests for visits cannot always be accommodated.

    The MdN School Counseling Department is dedicated to ensuring the success of each student’s academic, personal, social, and career development through collaboration with the student, school staff, parents/guardians, and the community.

MDN School Counselors

  • Erin Smith
    Department Leader
    All Freshman

    480-838-3200 x40153

    Claudia Ramirez
    10th - 12th grades: Last names A-G
    480-838-3200 x40137

    Christian Cabrera
    10th - 12th grades: Last names H-P

    480-838-3200 x40134

    Jill Calendar 
    10th - 12th grades: Last names Q-Z

    480-838-3200 x40136 

MDN Counseling Staff

  • Patty McAlarney
    Administrative Assistant
    480-838-3200 x 40131

    Valerie Molina
    Indian Education Program Coordinator

    Indian Education Program
    480-838-3200 x 40189

    Staci Mendoza
    Indian Education

    480-838-3200 x 40188 

    Nora Murillo
    Guadalupe Liaison

    480-838-3200 x 43300

    Maura Tapia
    Behavioral Interventionist
    480-838-3200 x 40109

    Erin Henderson
    Behavioral Interventionist
    480-838-3200 x 40532