Mission & Vision

    Excellence in Teaching and Learning 
    “Connect, Innovate, Thrive, Lead”

    We put students first by providing an inclusive, future-focused, and collaborative learning environment that promotes safety, academic success, and personal growth.

Core Values & Beliefs

  • Students First:

    • We put students’ academic and social/emotional needs at the forefront of everything we do.
    • We believe that all students can learn, and we accept responsibility for their learning.
    • We eliminate barriers to student learning.
    • We believe that all students learn best in a safe and well-maintained learning environment.
    • We believe a variety of extracurricular opportunities enriches the learning experiences of our students.

    Employees Matter:

    • We hire and develop a diverse and culturally competent workforce.
    • We hold all employees to high expectations.
    • We provide a healthy, happy, safe and supportive work environment.
    • We believe in providing opportunities for all staff to collaborate and continually improve their craft.




    • We believe that all people bring value to our organization.
    • We believe that all people deserve respect and dignity.
    • We value the richness that comes from our diverse cultures.
    • We benefit and learn from the voice of our diverse community.


    • We behave with integrity in everything that we do and say.
    • We act with civility; our words and actions matter.
    • We value truthfulness and trustworthiness.
    • We learn from our individual vulnerability and, through our relationships, develop a culture of safe risk taking and personal growth.
    • We take responsibility for our actions.


    • We pursue a strong and active relationship with families and the community to meet the social/emotional and academic needs of our students.
    • We believe strong relationships provide students the tools and strategies needed to learn and succeed as responsible and contributing members of society.
    • We believe in fostering meaningful and collaborative business relationships to ensure an innovative and future-focused workforce.