Welcome to Online Summer Education Academy

  • 2024 Summer Education Academy Online, (SEA), registration runs from February 12, through March 29, 2024.

Summer Education Academy Online Course Requirements

  • SEA Online Session Dates:
    • Class 1: May 28, 2024 – June 12, 2024
    • Class 2: June 13, 2024 – June 28, 2024

    **Online classes will start on two dates. To start a second course, follow the completion deadlines.


    Credit advancement (Online Option)

    All credit advancement courses will be completed online.

    Meeting Times:

    All online classes require a minimum of 4 – 6 hours daily of completed work. Completing and submitting assigned coursework is necessary to make adequate weekly progress.

    Students are limited to one online class at a time in the summer. Students are limited to two courses. Daily coursework is completed and submitted by students online. All coursework must be submitted and graded before the final exam.

    Class limits/ Cancellations:

    Class registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Early registration is important since time slots and openings are limited. Classes without sufficient enrollment may be canceled.

    A total of 1.0 (two (2) classes) can be completed online. Students are limited to one online class at a time. Students are NOT allowed to take both in-person and online classes at the same time. All online courses must be completed on or before June 28, 2024, including the in-person final exam.

    Students wishing to withdraw from an online course because they will not complete the course must email tuhsdsea@tempeunion.org prior by June 19, 2024.


    • None

    2024 SEA Google Registration Form QR CodeRegistration:
    Registration for all classes runs from February 12 through March 29, 2024.

    1. Complete this Online Google Registration Form (or by scanning the QR Code) for TUHSD Summer Education Academy.
    2. A counselor will verify the submitted registration form.
    3. An e-mail will be sent with confirmation of registration.

    Attendance Policy:

    Summer Education Academy is a voluntary program. All online classes require a minimum of 4 - 6 hours daily of completed work. Completing and submitting assigned coursework is necessary to make adequate weekly progress.

    Online classes may only be accessed within the United States. If you are planning to travel outside of the US during summer school, please do not enroll in a SEA online course.

    Final Exam(s): 

    Course 1: Starting June 11 & 12, 2024
    Course 2: Starting June 27 & 28, 2024

    All final exams are required to be taken in-person at Desert Vista High School.

    **All online coursework must be completed before taking the final exam. Students must earn a 60% or better on coursework and must pass the final with a 60% or better to earn credit in the course.

    Summer Graduation:

    • Date: June 28, 2024
    • Time: 3 PM
    • Location: Desert Vista High School Auditorium

Summer Education Academy Online Contacts

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    Questions or comments? E-mail:

    SEA Administration Team:

    • Erik Lutz
    • Jermaine Whitaker
    • Melissa McLaughlin
      Assistant Principal
    • Jennifer Summers
      Assistant Principal
    • TBD
      Student Services Coordinator
    • Amie Hickel
      Online Program Manager
    • TBD
      Administrative Assistant

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SEA Online - FAQs

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  • How is attendance taken for online courses?

  • How many hours per day is expected to complete a course?