Mountain Pointe High School Registration

  • Welcome to Mountain Pointe High School Registration! Students - Please use the information on this page to complete course registration. 

    Please note: Course registration is for current Mountain Pointe students only. Incoming Class of 2024, please visit Mountain Pointe's Enrollment page to get started.



    1.    Enter into StudentVUE.

    2.    On the left hand side, select ‘Course Request’

    3.    Under the blue ‘Selected Course Requests’ tab, click on ‘Click here to change course requests’

    4.    Mid-screen, you will find ‘Course ID’ and ‘Course Title’ boxes.  Here is where you will select your course requests.

    A.  Type in your 1st course request code that is six digits long or the course title (do not type in both)

    B.  Click on ‘Search Courses’

    C.  Find the course you would like to select

    NOTE: The seventh digit of the course code (A, B) determines the semester that the course is offered.  Choose ‘A’ for 1st semester and ‘B’ for 2nd semester.  If the course is only for a semester then there will not be an ‘A’ or ‘B’ code.

    D. A list of courses will appear. Next to the course you would like to select, click on the dot that states ‘Request’.  

    E.  Select ‘Click here to move selected requests to Selected Course Requests’ to save your choice. The course will then move into the ‘Selected Course Request’ area

    F.  Repeat this process for all six of your course selections.

    ALTERNATES: You will follow steps A-C above when you select your two alternates.  Next, click on the dot next to ‘Alternate’ for your two alternative choices. Repeat step E above to save your alternate choice.

    G.   If you would like to change or remove a course, click on ‘Remove’ and choose another course

    H.  Once completed, you can exit (close) StudentVUE and your selections will automatically be saved.  You can change your selections at anytime up to the point when you meet with your counselor on your scheduled date.

2020-2021 Course Request Forms