Information Literacy Unit
    Activity 5:  Copy and Paste
     Green Checkmark  
     So far, you should have the following items in your packet.
    • worksheet with your keyword search strategy and stamps (hard copy)
    • encyclopedia article saved in folder
    • periodical article from a subscription database in email or drive
    • book and/or ebook
    • word document called Works Cited or Bibliography in your folder that you have not yet printed out with bibliographic citations from 4 or more sources
    The ability to copy and paste is not permission to plagiarize. It is simply a tool to help you locate information you need.                 
    • If you quote the information directly, you must use quotation marks and cite the source.                                               
    • If you paraphrase or summarize the information, you still must give credit and cite the source.                                    
    • In good research, it is very important to show where you found your information and to give credit to the source.
    Activity 5:  Copying and pasting evaluation forms
    Occasionally you will find some great information, but it will be in a very long article and
    you only want a paragraph here and there.  Or, you may find an article that denies you privileges.
    "Copy" and "paste" is a quick and easy way to get around these problems. 
      You are now ready to begin your activity.


    1. Download the CRAAP Evaluation Instrument from the link below if you have not received a hard copy from the librarian

                                                                                                CRAAP worksheet

         2. Print this form, which will be used throughout Activities 6, 7 and 8.

         3. When you have a hard copy in your hand, you may go on to Activity 6.


    You are now ready to move on to  Activity 6:  The Evaluation Instrument