CRAAP Presentation

    Activity 6:  
    The evaluation instruments
    In this activity you will become familiar with the vocabulary and concepts necessary to evaluate resources and complete your worksheet.   



    Here's an example of a website that appears to represent one of our most respected authorities.
    What is the clue that tells you it is bogus?

    • Can you tell who created it?
    • If the author is not available, what do you know about the database or group promoting the information? 
    • Is the page hosted by a public service or major institution?
    • What knowledge do they have on the subject?
    • Is it Jimmy Jones from Mrs. Johnson's 3rd grade class?
    • Or is it Professor James Jones from Johnson University?





    Where on this website can you tell the date?
    What is the difference between when the article was originally written and when the web page was updated?

    • When was the information written?
    • Has it been updated recently?
    • Is it important to have the most current information for your particular research?




    Accuracy / Credibility

    This is a website that is promoting action against a product. 
    What else can you tell about the accuracy of this website? 
    Evaluate the accuracy or credibility of this information using this website.

    • Does it have correct, inaccurate, or misleading information?  
    • Can the facts be verified?
    • Can you test the information against other references?




    Purpose: Point of View/Bias (Fake News)

    This website shows views from a holocaust revisionist. How does the author's information compare to what you know?


    Is the site or author giving you facts or is it trying to sway you to a particular way of thinking? Could some individuals view the site differently than you?


    Several of Marcos de Niza's databases pffers vetted links to controversial issues, showing all sides.




    Does this example give information about "Cardinals"? 

    • Does the information have meaning for your research?
    • Does it have your keywords but they are used in another context?
    • If you wanted information on the the football team, how could you improve your search to get the relevant or right information?
    • Is it factual or promotional (advertising)?

    You are now ready to move on to Activity 7:  Search Engines on the Internet