TUHSD Health & Safety During COVID-19

Important Announcements - COVID-19

2021–2022 Academic FAQs

  • How will students access instruction if they are quarantined due to exposure?

  • How will students access instruction if they test positive for COVID-19?

  • How will teachers address the learning gaps?

  • What additional opportunities will TUHSD provide to address student learning needs?

  • How will my student be graded?

  • What are other ways that TUHSD supports students?

  • How will services be provided to special education students?

  • My child does not have access to a laptop or other computer. Will we be able to check out a laptop?

  • I don’t have Wifi at my current residence. What are my options?

  • Will there be any technical support for students and families?

  • How will families & students be updated?

  • Who should I speak with if I have additional questions?

2021–2022 General FAQs

  • Are face masks mandatory during school?

  • Will masks/face coverings be provided for students?

  • Can a face shield be used instead of a mask/face coverings?

  • What is the protocol for a positive COVID case at a school site?

  • What safety precautions will be in place to protect students and staff?

  • What are the specific cleaning/sanitization plans for the school day, including on buses? Will cleaning supplies/PPE be supplied to classrooms?

  • Is my student safe while riding the bus?

  • How often will buses be cleaned?

  • How will school meals be offered for breakfast and lunch?

  • What will athletics look like for the 21/22 school year?

  • What will extracurricular activities look like for the 21/22 school year?

  • How will schools provide social-emotional support?

  • If I have a question that is not listed here, who do I contact?

Parent Letters - COVID-19

  • TUHSD 2.17.22 | Face Masks Now Optional Indoors

  • Parent Letter 1.14.22 – TUHSD | Superintendent Update - Week 2

  • Parent Letter 1.3.22 - TUHSD | Second Semester & Safety

  • Parent Letter 12.16.21 - TUHSD | Second Semester Mask Policy

  • Parent Letter 9.27.21 - TUHSD | Update on Face Coverings

  • Parent Letter 9.20.21 - TUHSD | Sept. Update from Superintendent, Dr. Mendivil

  • Parent Letter 8.16.21 - Face Coverings Required at TUHSD | Message from Superintendent, Dr. Mendivil

  • Parent Letter 8.6.21 - TUHSD | Update on Health & Safety - Message from Superintendent, Dr. Mendivil

  • Parent Letter 7.29.21 - TUHSD | Welcome Back! Message from Dr. Mendivil

  • Parent Letter 6.16.21 - Summer Update + Upcoming Events

  • Parent Letter 4.19.21 - Today's Executive Order

  • Parent Letter 4.15.21 - Update from Superintendent

  • Parent Letter 3.26.21 - Clarification on Executive Order

  • Parent Letter 3.19.21 - Qualtrics Update

  • Parent Letter 3.5.21 - Reminders for Return to Campus