TUHSD Governing Board Members

  • Governing Board Members are elected to four-year terms in non-partisan elections to represent the residents within the district’s boundaries. Elections are held in November every other year. The majority of Board seats (three in our district) are up for election in presidential election years. Board members volunteer their time and meet several times per month. Boardsmanship requires a significant time commitment, not only in terms of meetings and related events but in preparation. Our Governing Board is a member of the Arizona School Boards Association.

    Individuals interested in running for the Governing Board may request more information from the Maricopa County School Superintendent’s Office at (602) 506-3866.

    Current Board Members

    Berdetta Hodge



    Berdetta Hodge - President

    Berdetta Hodge was elected to the Board in 2016. Her current term expires in 2020.

    Brain Garcia



    Brian Garcia - Vice President

    Brian Garcia was elected to the Board in 2018. His current term expires in 2022. 

    Andres Barraza




    Andres Barraza - Board Member

    Andres Barraza was elected to the Board in 2018. His current term expires in 2022. 

    Michelle Helm


    Michelle Helm - Board Member

    Michelle Helm is now serving her fifth term on the Tempe Union High School District Governing Board. She has served as President and Vice-President, and her current term expires in 2020.             

    Sandy Lowe



    Sandy Lowe - Board Member

    Sandy Lowe was elected to the Board in 2012 and re-elected in 2016. She has served as President and Vice-President and her current term expires in 2020.

Public Meeting Notices

  • In order to observe social distancing for the safety of our community, our Governing Board meetings and any special meeting will be closed to the public (but streamed on Facebook Live). The open meeting law permits a public body to hold a remote meeting through technological means and implementing procedures designed to safeguard the public's access to the meeting.

    • UPDATE: June 3rd Governing Board Meeting has been rescheduled until tomorrow, Thursday, June 4, 2020, at 4:00 PM.
    This rescheduled meeting is pursuant to A.R.S. § 38-431.02(E), which states: A meeting may be recessed and resumed with less than twenty-four hours' notice if public notice of the initial session of the meeting is given as required in subsection A of this section, and if, before recessing, notice is publicly given as to the time and place of the resumption of the meeting or the method by which notice shall be publicly given.

    Public Meeting Notices | All regular Governing Board meetings are held in the Benedict Education Center Board Room; 500 W. Guadalupe Rd. Tempe, AZ 85283.

    TUHSD – Our District Office (500 W. Guadalupe Rd. Tempe, AZ 85283) has been chosen as a polling site for the 2020 Elections.
    The polls will be open at 6 AM and will close at 7 PM.

    • Primary Election – August 4, 2020
    • General Election Day – November 3, 2020

Governing Board Contact

  • June Reppe
    Executive Assistant to the Governing Board & Superintendent
    (480) 839-0292 x11010