Welcome to the Registration Process!

  • PLEASE CHECK THIS SITE OFTEN IN JANUARY AS INFORMATION WILL BE UPDATED AS WE PROGRESS THROUGH THE 2017-18 REGISTRATION PROCESS! If you did not receive a registration worksheet, you can download one from this page. 

Additional MPHS Registration Instructions


    This process is completed mostly Online. To access the 2017-18 Registration handbook and course catalog, select the link on the right to view the registration handbook and course catalog. Normally, these books are handed out to all returning MP students. This year, you will only be able to access this handbook online from this link. Feel free to download it and print the sections in which you are interested.  To help you navigate this document, brief highlights of important sections in the handbook are outlined below.


    ParentVUE and StudentVUE - Students are able to request courses online via their StudentVUE accounts. If you or your student do NOT have an activated account, you MUST make sure to get yours activated before the end of January.

    If you are a parent/guardian, you may email Mrs. Kathy Patterson, in our Library/Media Center, at kpatterson@tuhsd.k12.az.us to request an activation code. STUDENTS, you must come in to the library and request an activation code directly from Mrs. Kathy Patterson at kpatterson@tuhsd.k12.az.us. She is not able to activate your StudentVUE accounts via e-mail.

    If you have an activated StudentVUE account, you will notice that a new link has been added: Course Request. At present, you may only access and view this link. This is the place where all students will go to enter course requests during the registration process. More information will be forthcoming about how this will work.

    For now, the important task is to make sure you have an activated StudentVUE account as soon as possible!

Important Documents

TUHSD online School Transfer Credits

  • Acceptance of transfer credits from sources outside the Tempe Union High School District is not automatic. It is recommended that students meet with their counselor before enrolling in courses outside TUHSD to determine what process must be followed, and to clarify how the credit will be accepted. Beginning with school year 2017-2018, online courses from non-TUHSD accredited high schools are accepted by TUHSD as elective credit only, unless a request is made for consideration as academic credit (Mathematics, English, Social Studies and Science).