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Meet our 2020 Changemakers & Courage Award winners

Meet our Changemakers: The City of Tempe's annual YouthFest Changemaker Award celebrates students who are committed to a cause, dedicating themselves to make the world a better place. Whether it's on their school campus or in our community, when they see a problem, they take meaningful action to create positive change.

Sydney Ulm - Sydney Ulm defines what it means to be a Marcos de Niza Padre. Not only does she lead in the traditional sense of the word - she has been a part of Spiritline for all four of her years and a Captain for the last two, she has been a Student Council Officer for each of her years and is currently serving as the Senior Class President - she is also a part of the We The People Team and takes part in countless other activities on campus. Sydney also leads by example. She models kind, compassionate and respectful behavior of both her peers and staff. She is responsible, hard-working and takes pride in the legacy she leaves as a Padre.

Brach Drew - Brach Drew defines what it means to be a Marcos de Niza Padre. He is a leader by example in all areas he is involved in. He is the Senior Class President, he is on the superintendent student advisory council, and goes above and beyond for the student, staff and community. The Fine Arts arena is what drives him to be who he is today. He is a role model for his young siblings at home. His positivity, kindness, his passion, and willingness to always help others has inspired the staff and students to always see the positive side of life.

Ethan Storment - Ethan Storment is the president of National Honors Society and he inspires us all to be better people. His involvement in swimming as an athlete helped bring the best out of his teammates. He and 3 others represented Marcos de Niza at the state swim meet this year. He also has a passion for the arts and plays an important role in running the sound boards for all the show productions. He chooses to take AP Art History and excel in the classroom. He is an outstanding person who is dedicated to doing what is best for others.

Nikzza Acuna Salazar - Nikzza Acuna Salazar is talented beyond measure. She aspires to increase the percentage of women in the field of engineering. She represents the academics, athletics and activities departments with great Padre Pride.

Matt Canada - Matt Canada is an exemplary student-athlete and an even better person. His positive leadership in the classroom and the playing field changes school culture for the better.

Meet our Courage Award recipients: The City of Tempe's annual YouthFest Courage Award celebrates students who have courageously overcome incredible adversity. They choose to make their education a priority while facing life challenging events, such as homelessness, heartache, financial hardship, family turmoil, illness, substance abuse and physical disabilities.

  • Congratulations to Edilma Perez Matias! The City of Tempe honors your strength and perseverance to continue your education.