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Desert Vista Speech & Debate wins 15th state championship

Desert Vista's Speech, Theater, and Debate Team won their 15th State Championship. In division one, there were over 25 schools competing and almost 500 entries.

The following students placed:

Congress House 1:
1st- Eden Gustin, 12th
5th- Isaac Kan, 9th

Congress House 2:
1st- Margaret Braun, 12th
5th- Sahil Khan, 10th

Congress House 3:
1st- Hunter McCormick, 12th

Lincoln Douglas Debate:
Quarterfinalist- Rhegan Crabtree, 9th
Octafinalist- Isaac Kan, 9th

Public Forum Debate:
Quarterfinalist- Logan Goswick- Neha Karanjia, 10th
Quarterfinalist- Emily Wong- Sahil Khan, 10th
Octafinalist- Margaret Braun- Eden Gustin, 12th
Octafinalist- Sana Gill- Hunter McCormick, 12th
Octafinalist- Jenna Cooley- Kay Bakshi, 11th

Policy Debate:
1st- Chase Laibe- Jadon Grossberg, 11th
2nd- Shirley Wang- Kenny Wang, 10th

Quarterfinalist- Jeffery Hsu- Cole Brown, 10th

Prose Interpretation:
2nd- James Rooney, 11th
3rd- Daanish Daudi, 11th
5th- Sophie Rogers, 9th
Semifinalist- Isabella Serra, 10th
Semifinalist- Rebeca Salas, 9th
Semifinalist- Zach Hills, 12th

Poetry Interpretation:
1st- Zach Hills, 12th
3rd- Nic Garnand, 11th
4th- Lance Watkins, 11th
6th- Ariella Golden, 10th

Program Oral Interpretation:
4th- Keerthana Kumar, 9th
5th- Kaitlyn Laibe, 12th

Humorous Interpretation:
2nd- Sana Sabuwala, 11th
4th- Hailey Dawson, 10th

Dramatic Interpretation:
2nd- Bronwyn Doebbeling, 12th
4th- Emma Lee, 11th
5th- Joey Diegnan, 11th

Duo Interpretation:
1st- James Rooney- Bronwyn Doebbeling, 11th/12th
2nd- Lance Watkins- Kaitlyn Laibe 11th/12th
4th- Daanish Daudi- Morgann Kelly, 11th

Duet Acting:
1st- Joey Diegnan- Sana Sabuwala, 11th
2nd- Emma Lee- Sarah Jalaghi- 11th/12th
3rd- Kenzie Visnansky- Sushil Sudhakar, 10th/12th
5th- Sophie Rogers- Rebeca Salas, 9th

Impromptu Speaking:
1st- Claire van Doren, 12th
Semifinalist- Margaret Braun, 12th

Extemporaneous Speaking:
1st- Margaret Braun, 12th
Semifinalist-Eden Gustin, 12th
Semifinalist- Claire van Doren, 12th

Informative Speaking:
4th- Kenzie Visnansky, 10th

Original Oratory:
2nd- Sarah Jalaghi, 12th
4th- Hailey Dawson, 10th
Semifinalist- Anika Porwal, 12th
Semifinalist-Andrew Miller, 10th
Semifinalist- Peter Rooney, 9th

1st- Desert Vista HS
2nd- Phoenix Country Day School
3rd- Brophy College Preparatory

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