Handling Grief After Suicide

Handling Grief After Suicide

When someone you know dies by suicide, it can leave you with very strong feelings. You may be shocked. You may feel guilty that you couldn’t do anything to stop them. You may feel angry at the person for not giving you the chance to help before taking such a drastic step.

Part of the issue for those who suffer a loss by suicide is the stigma around it. It may be hard for the bereaved or their friends to know what to say or do.

National Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month is a good time to talk about this grief. Our article, "Grief after suicide" describes the questions and pain mourners feel. Perhaps you or someone you know understands this grief all too well " and we hope the information helps.

We also suggest reading our Guide for understanding and preventing suicide. It describes the signs that someone may be thinking about or planning suicide. And it includes steps for intervening if you suspect someone may be at risk.

Be an advocate for stopping suicides. Learn more and you can be ready to act if you see someone in danger.