EN51 AP English: Literature and Composition

1.0 Credit
This course is designed to challenge the highly motivated, college bound student. This rigorous course surveys the literature of the world with a particular emphasis on the European writers. Culture, history, ideology, philosophy, and religion complement the critical analysis of literature. In depth discussion, composition and research synthesize the main components of this stringent course. Students in this course should have superior interpretive abilities as well as a competent command of composition and research skills. Upon successful completion of this course, students are encouraged to take the AP Literature and Composition Exam. [Board Adopted 2002] Completion of a summer reading and writing activity is required Note: In cooperation with Rio Salado Community College, the student may enroll in the college courses (ENH110) to receive 3 hours of college credit.
Prerequisites:  "C" or better in Honors Junior English or an "A" in Junior English and/or Teacher/Department Chair approval
Homework:  Yes
Degree of Difficulty:  Challenging
Grade Level:  12