EN22 Advanced Composition

1.0 Credit
This course engages students in an extensive writing program of expository and persuasive writing. In addition to improving students’ writing style, the program focuses on various writing techniques such as comparison and contrast, definition, example, cause and effect, and the analytical process. Research skills are reviewed and a research project is required. Students learn how to use information gathered through library research to add authority and credibility to their writing. Board Adopted 1998] Completion of a summer reading and writing activity is required. Note: In cooperation with Rio Salado Community College, the student may enroll in the college courses (ENG101/102) to receive 6 hours of college credit .
Prerequisites:  "C" or better in Honors Junior English or an "A" in Junior English and'or Teacher/Department Chair approval
Homework:  Yes
Degree of Difficulty:  Challenging
Grade Level:  12