EN07 Basic - English Language Development - ELD (ESL)

1.0 Credit
This course builds on the mastery of beginning level English skills taught in Pre-Emergent – English Language Development – ELD (ESL). and Emergent-English Language Development-ELD (ESL). Students will read and interpret simple forms of English literature and learn appropriate literary terms. They will expand their knowledge and base of grammatical structures, tenses, and usage, and work to develop effective writing techniques. Correct pronunciation of the English language will be practiced and encouraged. Concurrent registration in EN38 – English Language Development for Speakers of Other Languages or a Reading course is recommended. (May be repeated for credit.) (Classes offered in the Structured English Immersion Program.) [Board Adopted 1998] [Board Revised 2010] *Classes offered in the Structured English Immersion Program.
Prerequisites:  Teacher and/or ESL Coordinator approval
Homework:  Yes
Degree of Difficulty:  Average
Grade Level:  9, 10, 11, 12 - Level 3