SS12 Honors American/Arizona History

1.0 Credit
Students in Honors American History are given an opportunity to:
  1. Gain a basic knowledge of events and facts of National and State History from earliest cultures to the present,
  2. Participate in a high level of discussion and debate regarding important issues in American History,
  3. Become familiar with the literature of American History
  4. Develop social studies skills such as map and graph interpretation,
  5. Develop skills in interpretation and analysis of both primary and secondary documents or sources,
  6. Develop historical writing skills.
Note:  In cooperation with Rio Salado Community college, the student may enroll in the college courses (HIS103/104) to receive 6 hours of college credit.
Prerequisites:  Teacher/Department Chair approval
Homework:  High
Degree of Difficulty:  Challenging
Grade Level:  11, 12