2019 Arizona State Language Fair Results

Students performed in many different proficiency levels; from novice, intermediate, and advanced level in Spanish and Chinese.  Please congratulate the following students for their hard work in preparing for this competition.

Spanish - Impromptu

Novice mid - 1st Place - Alaysia Rivera and Ja'Arri Williams
Novice Mid - 2nd place - Syeda Akter, Elizabeth Kinkopf, Morgan Latam
Novice High - 3rd place - Jalen Walker, Kaliyah Montanez-Woods, Angelina Molina
Intermediate Low - 3rd place - Anaya Chavez, Leah Boveda, Christopher Shank, Gabrielle Talbert

Chinese Presentation
Novice Mid - 1st place - Carlos Mercado and Destinee Nyugen
Novice Mid - 3rd Place - Maria Garcia, Karla Bautista, and Miya Russell

Spanish Play
Intermediate High Heritage speakers - 1st Place - Karely Garcia, Mara Sanchez, Melanie Burciaga, Teresita Espinoza, Hermione Olivas. Ivan Perez, Joan Zarco, Guadalupe Rosales, Karolina Rojas, Brittany Perez

Advanced Low Non-Heritage Learners - 2nd place - Daniela Pinto, Nico Garnero, Jaxon Davis, Marissa Salazar, Ivan Felty, Maria Gore, Aiden Josic, Rosen Krumov, Nathan Rable, Devi Garnero

Advanced Low -Heritage Speaker - 3rd place - Lilliana Alonzo Gomez, Emmanuel gore, Salvador Beltran Ruedas, Jair Basave, Monserrat Ponce, Ivan Ordaz, Luis Hurtado, Gerardo Ramirez, Manuel Cervantes

Spanish Presentations
95.25% Saray Garcia, Carmen Avila and Estefania Linares
95% Jose Bernal and Eddy Vega

Thank you all for being supportive towards our students and allowing them to prep for this competition!