Statement from the Tempe Union High School District Officials

January, 29, 2016 – “We understand that the public is very interested to know what discipline has or will be provided to students involved in an incident that took place at Desert Vista High School on Friday, Jan. 22, 2016. District officials want to assure the public that appropriate action will be taken that aligns with District policies, regulations, the student handbook, and the due process rights of the students. The District will make no further comment regarding any specific discipline that is given to any student. 

The Governing Board will not be discussing this matter at next week’s Governing Board meeting and the Governing Board and District do not publicly discuss student discipline. As such, Governing Board members will not comment regarding this matter. Student discipline, like any other educational record such as test scores, grades, medical conditions, and the like, are confidential under federal law (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) ( 

All members of the public interested in the District’s discipline process may view the District’s student handbook, policies, and regulations online at (page 16 begins student discipline matrix.) School districts have an array of options (including counseling, community service, behavioral programs, and the like) which may be considered regardless of the severity of the disciplinary consequence. If the District does consider a serious consequence, like long-term suspension or expulsion, the student is afforded due process, which consists of: 1) written notice of the charges; 2) a formal hearing with an impartial hearing officer for the student to tell his/her side of the story; and 3) an appeal to the Governing Board. The Tempe Union High School District, like many school districts, also offers students facing a serious disciplinary consequence, with the opportunity to take advantage of alternative educational programming in lieu of long-term suspension or expulsion. These alternative programs provide the student with opportunity to earn credits toward graduation while still removing the student from their school and extra-curricular activities and other privileges associated with the school, such as prom, sporting events, school plays, graduation ceremonies, and the like.”