Mountain Pointe students shine in Winter Art Show

Recently, Mountain Pointe High School presented its Winter Art Show. This event, a collaboration of the school’s teachers and students from the Visual Arts Department, is a showcase for the work created during the first semester. 
In addition to having their work on display, the students must also help set up/take down or demonstrate at the show as well as writing a critique of the work on display.
There are about 520 students taking visual arts classes at Mountain Pointe (approximately 20% of the school’s population) in a variety of courses including Art & Design, Drawing & Painting 1-6, Honors Art 1-6, Ceramics 1-8, Photography 1-6, Intro to Computer Graphic Art and 2D Graphic Art 1-6. 
Ribbons are awarded as determined by judges from the community. This year, judges included a professional graphic designer, a professional ceramics artist, and a curator from the Phoenix Art Museum. The awards are given in class category, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place as well as Honorable Mention and Best of Show. There is also a category called Principal’s Choice. The school’s principal, Mr. Bruce Kipper, selects a work to be displayed in his office. 
Mountain Pointe’s next art show is scheduled for Thursday, April 22, 2017.