McClintock students dream big during annual car show

Every year, McClintock High School automotive students make their dream cars a reality - if only for a lunch period. The school celebrated its largest annual Dream Car Show this week.

John Hankinson, automotive teacher at McClintock High School, assigns his students to write an essay about their dream car at the end of every fall semester. The students are then tasked to find that car and bring it to the annual winter show.

The cars are collected from students, staff, local dealerships and community members. Hankinson, who has been teaching at McClintock for the past 26 years, says this is a great exercise in communication and community involvement.

"It really isn't about getting the most cars out here or the most expensive cars to the show," Hankinson said. "It's about getting their dream cars here."

The show, which has been a tradition at McClintock for the past decade, grows larger year after year. This year, the show touted over 50 vehicles.

Cars on display included sports cars, trucks, off-road vehicles and motorcycles. Universal Technical Institute and The National Guard also attended.