Corona del Sol students hear from Holocaust survivor

Corona del Sol students had a unique classroom experience, hearing from a voice they've only read about in history books.

Throughout the spring, sophomore English classes read Night by Elie Wiesel. The book is about the Holocaust during World War II.

As part of the unit, guest speaker Oskar Knoblauch spoke to sophomores about his experience during the Holocaust. Knoblauch talked about growing up in a Jewish family, Hilter's reign and racial prejudice, living in the ghetto while facing hard labor and the constant fear of death.

His message: Be an upstander, and live a life of tolerance and respect.

"Respect everyone, regardless of who they are. Even your enemies," he told students. "Hate is a useless thing."

He also encouraged students to continue pursuing their education.

"Always fight back, but fight back with your brain, not your fists," he told students.

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