Desert Vista, McClintock students participate in youth conference for Social Justice and Ethnic Studies

Youth Conference for Social Justice and Ethnic Studies

Students from Desert Vista High and McClintock High schools presented at the second annual Arizona State University Youth Conference for Social Justice and Ethnic Studies.

Nearly 300 elementary, middle, and high school students from around the state shared their research on diversity, immigration, social justice, race and gender, and other topics. Panels were moderated by ASU scholars and community leaders.

Desert Vista students Ariella Golden and Zachary Hills presented Demographics and Social Acceptance: A Study on Social Justice and Intersectionality. Rishik Chaudhary, Daanish Daudi, Frida Gutierrez, James Rooney presented on Diversty Assemblies and Action Results. 

The following McClintock students presented on a panel titled: Peace Be Upon You - As-salamu alaykum

  • Faduma Ahmed
  • Fatuma Harun
  • Farhiya Mohamed
  • Zakia Said
  • Sumayyah Seyed

Kathy Hoffman, Arizona State Superintendent of Public Instruction, also attended the event and visited both schools' presentations.

"I was so impressed with the students' academic rigor and empathy," she remarked on Facebook.

The conference was in partnership with CRiA, an intergenerational, multi-institutional project designed to examine the lived experiences of communities, share findings, and propose and enact alternatives to today’s critical issues.

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