Compadre Academy welcomes new music room


Of the seven schools in the Tempe Union High School District, Compadre Academy was the only school without a music classroom or program. The Tempe Leadership Class XXXIV wanted to help.

The program, in partnership with the Tempe Chamber of Commerce Foundation, identifies projects around the City of Tempe that better the community. Tempe Leadership Class XXXIV heard numerous project proposals, and ultimately agreed to help create a music room for the students and faculty of Compadre Academy.

"I'm overwhelmed," said principal Dora Samson. "I had no idea when they started it would go to this level."

Susan Manning, who leads Compadre's Jobs for Arizona Graduates (JAG) program and teaches student government, worked tirelessly with Tempe Leadership, Compadre Administration and other community partners. Her vision for the room includes expanding classes, offering music therapy and creating a safe, creative space for students to be themselves.

Compadre Music Room

"Compadre really owes her a lot today," Samson said. "To everyone who was part of this, you have changed the lives of students today."

Manning led the ribbon cutting, joined by Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell, TUHSD Superintendent Kevin Mendivil, member of the TUHSD governing board and representatives from Tempe Diablos and Tempe Leadership Class XXXIV.

The newly unveiled room includes over 25 guitars, bass guitars, ukuleles and amps, as well as a full library of replacement strings, picks and other accessories. The room also features a stage, generously donated by the Tempe Diablos.

Along with the room, the Tempe Leadership Class XXXIV donated a check topping $8,000 to the school to keep the room up and running.

Compadre Academy plans on offering a guitar class to the fall 2019 schedule. 

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