Tempe Union Celebrates Class of 2019

 The seven high schools that comprise the Tempe Union High School District will host graduation ceremonies on Wednesday, May 22 for Compadre Academy and Thursday, May 23 for the other six comprehensive high schools in the TUHSD, totaling approximately 3,100 students.

While many schools have moved ceremonies to various stadiums and other facilities, TUHSD ceremonies will take place on each of the schools’ football field, a time-honored tradition enjoyed by families, friends and loved ones of the graduates. Ceremonies begin promptly at 7 p.m.

This year’s graduating class of seniors is one of distinction, with many honors and accomplishments, including three Flinn Foundation Scholarship Recipients, several National Merit Scholarships, many Tempe Diablo Excellence in Education Scholarships and many others. In total, the graduating class of TUHSD 2019 has been offered more than $82 million in scholarships.

Approximate Scholarship Amounts Offered By School

Tempe High: $2,500,000

McClintock: $5,600,000

Marcos de Niza: $5,500,000

Corona del Sol: $21,900,000

Mountain Pointe: $21,700,000

Desert Vista: $24,800,000

Compadre Academy: $111,000

Total: $82,111,000


Class of 2019 Student Totals*

Tempe High: 384

McClintock: 384

Marcos de Niza: 350

Corona del Sol: 665

Mountain Pointe: 576

Desert Vista: 750

Compadre Academy: 75

Total: 3,184