#WordsofWisdomWednesday: Week Nine

As our students begin to return to school in small cohorts, our teachers continue to find great solutions collectively to finding more ways to support students. Schools have taken the health and safety of our students and our teachers very seriously and we are confident the return will be a success for everyone.

 In our ninth installment of  #WordsofWisdomWednesday, we hear from Krista Carr, a CTE early childhood teacher.  She shares what she is incorporating into this new quarter based on what she learned last quarter.  “My Google Meets classes are great so I will continue to check in with the virtual students that way.  Students are comfortable with this platform and we'll continue to grow together.“

Krista realizes there are still challenges, saying, “The biggest challenge for quarter 2 is the unknown.  We don't know who will show up in person and who will stay virtual. We don't know how managing an in-person class at the same time as a virtual class will go. We've never done anything like this before so embracing the unknown is a challenge.”

Krista takes advantage of the professional support of her colleagues across the district as well as on her campus. She says her administration has also been a great support. When she thinks about her words of wisdom for us, Krista says, “My words of wisdom are to hold on tight. As teachers we like to be in control and we can't be in control right now.  We can embrace the changes and go with it. There is no point in getting worked up about things beyond our control.  Quarter 2 is going to be a huge transition and we just have to hold on tight. It won't be perfect but as long as we progress through it, we'll be ok.” 

If we can all follow this example, I am sure we will be ok. To hear more of Krista’s thoughts, listen to her special video message.