#WordsofWisdomWednesday: Week Ten

Our teachers are continuing to find more ways to support students as we go from fully virtual to our hybrid model. 

In our tenth installment of #WordsofWisdomWednesday, we hear from Sherre Walker, a Health and PE teacher at McClintock.  She shares what she is incorporating into this new quarter based on what she learned last quarter.  “Although the hybrid model is different, I am making sure that students are feeling comfortable in the class (both virtually and in-person). I am also working to provide feedback to the students when needed. I have developed a pattern of consistency with the students which allows them to trust me as their teacher and to know the feedback is to help their development in the class.“

Sherre says the extra efforts are worth it though. "The greatest part about the hybrid model is having students back in the classroom. This gives us an even greater ability to start building relationships and getting to know the students."

When Sherre thinks about her words of wisdom for us, she says, “I would offer to choose Quality over Quantity, and it's okay to make mistakes. What is important is what we learn from those mistakes. ” 

Great advice from Sherre. Being able to learn from our mistakes and having the courage to try something new is a great way to grow. To hear more from Sherre, listen to her special video message.  

 Words of Wisdom Wednesday