Corona Student wins Honorable Mention Award in the Art category in the 2020 Ocean Awareness Contest!

Congratulations to CdS student, Leo Kubota, for winning the Honorable Mention Award in the Art category in the 2020 Ocean Awareness Contest! The Ocean Awareness Contest is a global arts competition sponsored by Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs that engages youth in creatively raising awareness of environmental issues impacting our blue planet. Leo, who was selected from approximately 5,300 participants from around the world, received a cash award and will be featured in Bow Seat’s international ocean advocacy Gallery and social media channels. You can view Leo’s award-winning piece here, along with the reflection he wrote regarding his piece. Below is a small snippet of what Leo shared; 

“This boy has everything — big computers, games, a nice view to the city. But all of this he thrusts aside; instead, his eyes are set upon a humble jar, but one that is teeming with life, brightly lit by rays of hope. He is a dreamer who sees the beauty in nature” 

Students can join Leo in inspiring protection of our natural world by participating in the 2021 Ocean Awareness Contest, which is open now through June 14, 2021. The 10th annual Ocean Awareness Contest, WATER RISING, invites students ages 11-18 to create visual art, film, music, poetry, web-based media, music, or creative writing that explores their connection to water and creatively communicates the need to protect this vital resource. Students can work as individuals or as a group or class. It is free to enter, and prizes range from $50 to $1,500, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity if you are interested!