Congratulations to the Desert Vista Speech & Debate team for winning their 17th State Championship!

Congratulations to the Desert Vista Speech & Debate team for winning their 17th State Championship this past weekend! Coach Brittany Stanchick, her coaching crew, and students did an amazing job navigating the challenges of COVID-19 while staying positive and dedicated to bringing home another title for the Thunder! 

Stanchick proudly shared out about the poise and professionalism of her students that lead to this victory for the Thunder; Given our history of winning, I know somewhere out there is a perception that our championships are more so expectations at this point. I recognize that pressure as a privilege. But this title was by far our most difficult to win. I’ve been part of 14, I can say that with first-hand experience. That being said, our students made it look so easy when it came down to the wire.” 

Congratulations again to the following students on their amazing achievements, and to the DV Speech and Debate team for bringing it home another year!

Team placings: 

  • 1st place- Desert Vista, 304 points 
  • 2nd place- Phoenix Country Day School, 168 points 
  • 3rd place- Basis Peoria, 129 points 


Individual placings:

Congress House 1:

  • Sita Sudhakar, Junior- 2nd place 
  • Andy Lu, Sophomore- 4th place 


Congress House 2:

  • Sahil Khan, Senior- 1st place, State Champion 


Congress House 3:

  • Issac Kan, Junior- 1st place, State Champion 


Congress House 4:

  • Krishna Ramani, Senior- 2nd place 


Congress House 5:

  • Emily Wong, Senior- 2nd place 


Big Questions Debate:

  • Aimee Ren, Freshman- Quarter finalist 
  • Andy Lu, Sophomore- Quarter finalist  


Lincoln Douglas Debate:

  • Valerie Peters, Junior- Octa finalist 
  • Rhegan Crabtree, Junior- Octa finalist 
  • Gabrielle Vines, Freshman- Octa finalist 


Public Forum Debate:

  • Krishna Ramani, Senior- Isabella Kelly, Junior- Quarter finalists
  • Sahil Khan- Emily Wong, Seniors- Quarter finalists 
  • Neha Karanjia- Logan Goswick, Juniors- Quarter finalists 
  • Cora Wintring- Pragalbha Ghatigar, Freshman- Quarter finalists
  • Savannah Yu- Stefanie Fan, Freshman, Quarter finalists 


Policy Debate: Close out 

  • Kenneth Wang- Jeffrey Hsu, Seniors- 1st place, State Champions 
  • Isaac Kan, Junior- Ali Nikahd, Sophomore- 2nd place
  • Cole Brown, Senior- Christian Keesler Evans, Junior- 3rd place 


Extemporaneous Speaking:

  • Emily Wong, Senior- 5th place 
  • Antonio Gomez, Senior- 6th place 
  • Rhegan Crabtree, Junior- Semi finalist 
  • Stephanie Voitejk, Senior- Semi finalist 


Impromptu Speaking:

  • Rhegan Crabtree, Junior- 6th place 
  • Krishna Ramani, Senior- Semi finalist 
  • Vinnie Montalbano, Sophomore- Semi finalist 


Prose Reading:

  • Rebeca Salas, Junior- 3rd place 
  • Rhea Rungta, Senior- 4th place 


Poetry Reading:

  • Sophia Sierski, Junior- 2nd place 
  • Mackenzie Visnansky, Senior- 5th place 


Program Oral Interpretation:

  • Ariella Breyer, Senior- 2nd place 
  • Gwyneth Doebbeling, Freshman- 5th place 


Humorous Interpretation: Close out 

  • Isabella Serra, Senior- 1st place, State Champion
  • Jeremy Elwell, Junior- 2nd place 
  • Gwyneth Doebbeling, Freshman- 3rd place 
  • Ayla Zobrist, Freshman- 6th place 
  • Keerthana Kumar, Junior- Semi finalist 


Dramatic Interpretation:

  • Sophie Rogers, Junior- 1st place, State Champion 
  • Ariella Breyer, Senior- 3rd place 
  • Isabella Serra, Senior- 6th place 


Duo Interpretation: 

  • Jeremy Elwell/ Sophie Rogers, Juniors- 2nd place


Original Oratory: 

  • Sita Sudhakar, Junior- 1st place, State Champion 
  • Rhea Rungta, Junior- Semi finalist 
  • Pravin Munshi, Junior- Semi finalist