McClintock sisters get hands-on experience in public safety careers


McClintock's Angelise Khoury, SRO Det. Natalie Barela & Alexis Khoury Two McClintock students were among the 30 high school girls who recently attended the Aspire Academy, a four-day leadership camp providing teenage girls hands-on experience in public safety careers.

Angelise and Alexis Khoury were immersed in firefighting and law enforcement operations and worked side-by-side with women from police and fire departments. More than 15 agencies from all over the state of Arizona participated. A variety of skills and events are included so the girls can experience what firefighters and police officers do - helping to de-mystify what are non-traditional careers and teach girls that they can do anything they set their mind to.  Aspire Academy, in conjunction with the Girl Scouts, aims to develop young women and offer opportunity through the program's motto: "Courage, Confidence, and Character."  

The students came from all around the Valley with various backgrounds, interests, and skill levels. Another Tempe Union student, Corona del Sol's Megan Alexander also attended and was featured in a news report by FOX 10.  The students demonstrated a great deal of dedication, desire and hard work over the course of four days. They spent VERY early mornings doing physical training, classroom instruction and made life-long memories.

I can’t tell you enough how incredibly proud I am of Alexis and Angelise. I knew what to expect from these young ladies going into camp, but their effort and attitude impressed all instructors involved in the camp. These two young ladies did a phenomenal job representing McClintock High School and the City of Tempe. We should all be proud!